How to Get Started

Speak with friends and classmates to find potential members.

Find a faculty advisor.

Draft a Club Constitution & Terms of Behavior based on samples below.

Register your club with our organization by emailing your completed Constitution & Terms, School Name, and Names of Student Club Leaders to

Print out brochures and flyers to hand out and hang around your school.

Recruit members to join the club at involvement/activity fairs.

Host periodic meetings, events, and activities (see suggested below).

Send photo, video, and written updates of club activities to us and get featured on the website!

Suggested Events & Activities

Celebrations of global community:
  • Heritage food potlucks
  • Heritage dance demonstrations 
  • Days of cultural significance 
Explore global stories through:
  • World literature 
  • World music 
  • World art/film 
  • World dance
Invite speakers:
  • Human rights activists
  • International law professors
  • Peace Studies academics
Attend globally themed events involving: 
  • Public speakers 
  • Demonstrations/protests 
  • International development projects 
  • Peace and environment conferences
Provide refugee assistance through: 
  • Food drives 
  • Monetary donations 
  • Housing campaigns 
Documentary screenings on: 
  • Peace activists such as Garry Davis 
  • Human rights 
  • Climate change 
  • Current events
Host International Events:
  • World sports games
  • International holidays
  • World trivia night
Participate in World Service Authority’s “I am a World Citizen” Campaign: 
  • Celebrate World Citizen Action Day 
  • “My Country is the World” readings