What does it mean to be a World Citizen?

  • Learn about your rights and responsibilities to each other and the earth
  • Take action to help others locally and globally
  • Empower each other to make change in the world
  • Spread awareness about global issues
  • Respect and celebrate diversity and global cultures
Dominique World Citizen

What is World Citizenship?

  • A recognition by the individual human of their rights and duties within the world community itself. World citizenship implies that the individual enjoys and uses world empowerment politically in the structuring of society.  

Goals of a World Citizen Club

Advocate and Educate

  • Become an advocate for world peace through world citizenship and world law

Build Community

  • Work with others to build a truly worldwide community

Support World Citizenship

  • Promote world citizenship, world peace, and world law through awareness of and respect for universal rights

Who can join a World Citizen Club?

  • Any student who has a passion for world citizenship, global politics, world law, human rights, peace, justice, and/or sustainability.
A Video Message from a World Citizen Club Leader
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Citizens for Global Solutions®  and Young World Federalists

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