8 Easy Steps to Start a World Citizen Club

1. Speak with friends and classmates to find potential members.

2. Find a faculty advisor.

3. Draft a Club Constitution & Terms of Behavior based on samples below.

4. Register your club with our organization by emailing your completed Constitution & Terms, School Name, and Names of Student Club Leaders to info@worldcitizenclub.org.

5. Print out brochures and flyers to hand out and hang around your school.

6. Recruit members to join the club at involvement/activity fairs.

7. Host periodic meetings, events, and activities (see suggested below).

8. Send photos, videos, and written updates of club activities to us and get featured on the website!

Suggested Events & Activities

Celebrations of global community:
  • Heritage food potlucks
  • Heritage dance demonstrations 
  • Days of cultural significance 
Explore global stories through:
  • World literature 
  • World music 
  • World art/film 
  • World dance
Invite speakers:
  • Human rights activists
  • International law professors
  • Peace Studies academics
Attend globally themed events involving: 
  • Public speakers 
  • Demonstrations/protests 
  • International development projects 
  • Peace and environment conferences
Provide refugee assistance through: 
  • Food drives 
  • Monetary donations 
  • Housing campaigns 
Documentary screenings on: 
  • Peace activists such as Garry Davis 
  • Human rights 
  • Climate change 
  • Current events
Host International Events:
  • World sports games
  • International holidays
  • World trivia night
Participate in World Service Authority’s “I am a World Citizen” Campaign: 
  • Celebrate World Citizen Action Day 
  • “My Country is the World” readings